Salesforce launches new native backup and restore option

Launched due to strong customer demand, Backup and Restore automatically creates backup copies of business data
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Salesforce on Wednesday launched Backup and Restore, a new, low-code data protection and recovery service. The CRM giant is launching the service after hearing from customers that they wanted a data backup option native to the Salesforce platform. 

Salesforce still offers a separate Data Recovery Service, but that service has had its issues. Salesforce tried to end it last year, citing the small number of customers actively using the service and the availability of numerous third-party solutions. However, after customers demanded a native backup service, Salesforce revived Data Recovery Service in March, with a promise to launch a new native Backup and Restore service later in the year. 

"Salesforce customers enjoy the benefits of a rich partner ecosystem," Marla Hay, Salesforce's VP of Product Management, said in a company blog post Wednesday. "But we've spent a lot of time listening to our customers, and it became clear many of them were specifically looking for native backup and restore solutions that delivered the performance, speed and scale — not to mention ease of use — they've come to expect from the Salesforce Platform. Backup and Restore is a direct response to that demand that will continue to provide additional ways to innovate and extend the solutions found throughout our ecosystem."

In the blog post, Hay suggested Backup and Restore will be notably easier to use that Data Recovery Service. Comparing the two, she noted that the new service is "designed so that admins or business users can restore comprehensive backups with just a few clicks, all within Salesforce, rather than waiting weeks for a .csv file that then requires days to re-load."

At launch, Backup and Restore will let customers automate daily backups of standard objects, custom objects, and files and attachments in Salesforce. Customers will also be able to restore backed-up data into orgs and automatically delete old backups after designated time intervals. They can also perform high-level audits on who is initiating, modifying or running backups. All data backups will be encrypted at rest and in transit. 

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