Salesforce Sales Cloud data can now import to Google Analytics 360

The integration stems from a strategic partnership that the two companies inked last November.

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Salesforce and Google announced Wednesday that data from Salesforce's Sales Cloud can now be imported directly into Google Analytics 360.

The integration stems from a strategic partnership that the two companies inked last November, in which Salesforce committed to using the Google Cloud Platform to expand globally and also to integrate its customer relationship tools with G Suite and Google Analytics.

The latest mash up will give marketers the ability to connect offline sales data with online digital analytics data to create a comprehensive view of the conversion funnel. According to Google, this will help users better understand the relationship between traffic sources for online leads and the quality of those leads.

Here's how the Google Cloud-Salesforce partnership lines up:

  • Salesforce named Google Cloud as a preferred cloud provider. Salesforce will use core Google Cloud Platform services for international infrastructure.
  • G Suite and Salesforce's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform will be integrated for collaboration tools and Salesforce Lightning.
  • Salesforce's Quip will tie into Gmail, Hangouts and Google Calendar as well as other services. Quip's Live Apps will be embedded with Google Drive and Google Calendar. With Hangout integration, customer account details and information can be used from Salesforce CRM directly.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 integration for one dashboard. Salesforce Sales Cloud will also integrate.

"As 2018 moves on, we'll continue to roll out more of the Salesforce-Google integrations announced back in November," Google said in a blog post.

"Soon marketers will be able to include conversion data from Sales Cloud in Google Attribution 360 for more accurate data-driven attribution modeling, surface data from Analytics 360 in Marketing Cloud for a more complete understanding of campaign performance, and make audiences created in Analytics 360 available in Marketing Cloud for activation via direct marketing channels like email."


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