Samsung demos MCPTX video call on AWS

Mission Critical Push-to-Talk, Data and Video, or MCPTX, is a communications platform specifically for first responders.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Samsung said on Monday that it has successfully demonstrated a video call on Amazon Web Services using Mission Critical Push-to Talk, Data and Video (MCPTX) technology for first responders. The demonstration took place at Samsung's lab in Korea and is meant to highlight the benefit of public cloud networks for MCPTX deployments, the company said. 

MCPTX is a communications platform specifically for first responders. It allows emergency workers to connect with other first responders simultaneously and quickly exchange videos, images and other files during an emergency. MCPTX is expected to replace Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technology and advance public safety systems by improving situational awareness and information accuracy.

On the cloud side, Samsung said the demonstration illustrates the key benefits that cloud infrastructure brings to an MCPTX deployments.

"This demonstration showcases how Samsung's Mission Critical Communications solutions can manage public crises and be readily deployed on public cloud platforms," said Wonil Roh, Samsung's SVP and Head of Product Strategy. "It also enables us to learn and adapt to the evolving needs of service providers and end users alike. This brings a new level of broad coverage, scalability and reliability to mission critical service deployments, and we look forward to continuing our journey in the public safety sector to help keep communities safe and improve public emergency response outcomes."

Samsung said MCPTX customers will have the option to deploy the platform either on-premises or through the AWS cloud.

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