Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro announced: Bigger display, DeX integration, affordable price

Samsung listened to enterprise customers and just announced a new Android tablet with several improvements that are sure to please workers out in the field who need a rugged tablet for surveying, data capture, equipment repair, point-of-sale, and other needs.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Last year, Samsung rolled out its Galaxy Tab Active 2 and it continues to meet the needs of workers outside the office today. The newest Galaxy Tab Active Pro incorporates customer feedback and is a compelling, affordable enterprise tablet.

In the past, rugged devices were often extremely expensive, overbuilt for the intended usage environment, or were made rugged through case options that didn't offer everything the end-user needed to get work done. Samsung gathered feedback from existing customers and heard responses seeking more battery life, a bigger display while still having durability ratings for harsh environments, and connectivity with more carriers. Customers also wanted all of this offered at reasonable prices.

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With the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Samsung offers all of this capability at prices of $599.99 (WiFi model) or $679.99 (LTE cellular models). These are fantastic prices for a 10.1-inch tablet built for workers in the field.

I deployed a Galaxy Tab Active 2 last year to my inspection team working in a Florida shipyard so they could take drawings with them while crawling around ships being constructed. With the latest drawings, the team compares these to what is being built, marking up the drawings with any changes, and even capturing photos and videos of the areas being surveyed. While that eight-inch tablet has proven to be a valuable tool for this work, having a larger display would be appreciated.

Image: Samsung

Samsung built the Galaxy Tab Active Pro around three pillars: purpose-built device, seamless workflow, and compliance & security.

  1. Purpose-built device: The tablet has a 10.1-inch display, IP68 dust/water resistant rating, MIL-STD 810G shock/drop rating, 15-hour user-replaceable battery, 13MP rear camera, IP68-certified S Pen that doesn't need to be charged, glove touch sensitivity option, and support for all four major US wireless carriers.
  2. Seamless workflow: Samsung DeX is provided as a hybrid solution so the tablet can switch to DeX mode in a standalone fashion or through a connected experience with an HDMI cable. POGO pin support is provided in the same orientation as the current Tab Active2 so that businesses can continue to use the same accessories. A programmable button is present so that two key applications can quickly and easily be launched by the user. The tablet is mPOS ready and comes in an LTE unlocked variant, as well as WiFi only.
  3. Compliant and secure: Knox integration is present and a focal point of the device. It is easy for IT to also easily deploy tablets across the company. E-FOTA support is provided to aid in remote management too.

The Galaxy Tab Active Pro is available now as a Wi-Fi model through Samsung IT partners. The LTE version will be available in mid-November.

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