Samsung launches Connect Auto, aims for back-end diagnostics, analytics, services

Samsung's Connect Auto, which launched ahead of Mobile World Congress, has a broad partner network aimed at putting the company's KNOX and related technologies in the auto food chain.
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Samsung's connected auto plan aims to cater to enterprises looking to better manage their fleets of vehicles, garner vehicle data and play the Internet of things.

Ahead of Mobile World Congress and its Galaxy S7 launch on Sunday, Samsung outlined its Connect Auto suite, which will include services delivered through a series of partners as well as security features via its KNOX platform.

According to Samsung its Connect Auto will plug into On-Board Diagnostic (ODB) II port underneath a steering wheel. The system will provide alerts to improve driving, monitor fuel efficiency and offer a Wi-Fi connection. AT&T will be the first U.S. carrier to provide connectivity to Samsung Connect Auto, which launches in the second quarter.

In Europe, Orange will be a carrier partner for Samsung Connect Auto.

Here's where Samsung Connect Auto would be installed on a 2015 Honda Accord (via Progressive).


What makes Samsung's auto play interesting is that it is primarily geared toward enterprises instead of consumers.

For instance, Samsung's statement on Connect Auto referenced insurance giant AXA as well as Willis Towers Watson, a telematics integrator. Those customers indicate that Samsung's Connect Auto will be focused on enterprise use cases for analytics.

Samsung's partner network for Connect Auto includes Amdocs, AT&T, AXA, Blink by Agero, China Unicom, Cisco, Crawford & Company, Ericsson, Europcar, HERE, IBM, Jasper, Oberthur Technologies, Openbay, Orange, Tantalum and Willis Towers Watson.

Among the key details:

  • Samsung is looking for KNOX to be the differentiator for Connect Auto.
  • Tizen is the primary operating system.
  • Samsung is offering a software developer kit for Tizen to add additional services.
  • Connect Auto includes geo-fencing and driving safety algorithms to encourage safe behavior. Algorithms also track fuel efficiency.
  • Emergency alerts, virtual mechanic diagnostics, email reports with driving logs and usage based insurance features are available.
  • Connect Auto provides a LTE Wi-Fi hot spot.


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