Samsung partners roll out VR for fitness, wearable solutions for work

The new offerings illustrate the way more mobile solutions are emerging to meet specific business needs, Samsung says.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer
CNET/CBS Interactive

At the Mobile World Congress Americas (MWC Americas) conference in San Francisco this week, Samsung is highlighting new ways its partners are using Samsung technology to create new mobile capabilities for specific enterprise needs. That includes bringing virtual reality to fitness centers and using wearables in specific workplace scenarios.

Specifically, Samsung is highlighting a new VR offering from VirZOOM, which enables fitness centers to enhance workouts through Samsung Gear VR. Samsung is also showcasing new wearables offerings, from partners SoloProtect, Reemo and Ability Wearables, which integrate with Samsung smartwatches.

"We're seeing an incredible uptick in innovation through collaboration with our partners," Eric McCarty, vice president of B2B mobile product marketing for Samsung Electronics America, said in a statement. "As a result, we are seeing more mobile solutions emerge that are tailored to meet specific business needs - such as senior care facilities or lone worker scenarios."

With the VirZOOM VR Fitness platform, fitness centers can give its members a VR-enhanced workout experience. Using a Life Fitness stationary exercise bike outfitted with the VirZOOM module, gym members can use Samsung Gear VR to immerse themselves in different games and cycling experiences. The experience is responsive to the user's pedaling speed, as well as the handlebar's resistance buttons.

Meanwhile, the firm SoloProtect is offering a way to protect workers with the Samsung Gear S3. It's designed for people out on the job alone, such as real estate agents and home healthcare workers, who may be visiting a stranger's home or performing high-risk work. The SoloProtect Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC) provides constant monitoring and communication with the individual, along with emergency alerts and status checks.

In another integration with the Gear S2/S3s, Reemo's platform gives senior and care facilities insights into a patient's health, including their activity level, heart rate and sleep quality. It also gives seniors a way to connect to their caregivers.

Lastly, Ability Wearables uses Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear S3 biometric and GPS data to help employers monitor workers at risk of fatigue. It should enable employers to reduce the operational risk involved in physically demanding sectors, such as trucking and construction.


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