Samsung S Health relaunched as Samsung Health, telemedicine capability added

Samsung continues to improve the S Health app, with a change in the name and addition of Ask an Expert telemedicine service for qualified US customers.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

You may have noticed during the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch event that Samsung briefly discussed the Samsung ecosystem and features in Samsung Health. An update recently appeared on the Google Play Store for S Health, changing the app's name to Samsung Health and adding in a brand new service.

Samsung has had its S Health app installed on Samsung smartphones and has also allowed installation on other Android phones, so you can connect your Samsung wearable to optimize its use. Also, most Samsung smartphones support ANT+ so you can connect a number of fitness accessories to your Samsung smartphone and Samsung Health for advanced data collection.

The recent update to Samsung Health brings a module titled Ask an Expert. This telemedicine service is powered by Amwell and provides the ability to carry out a live, on-demand doctor consulation 24/7 right from your smartphone.

Many top health care plans cover this service, which includes video visits with board-certified doctors when you need them. For $59 or less you can meet with a physician to discuss routine medical conditions. The doctors can issue a prescription directly to your desired pharmacy, if needed.

Last year, Samsung updated S Health to include connected services, and with the Gear S3 the app is becoming an important one for me. I have yet to try the Ask an Expert function, but will check my insurance and consider it when I don't have the time to visit a doctor, am traveling and need some assistance, or a recurring issue appears.

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