​Samsung to unveil Micro LED TV at CES: Report

Samsung Electronics is planning to unveil a Micro LED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show next year, according to a report.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Electronics is reportedly planning to unveil a Micro LED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.

According to ZDNet Korea, the top of the line TV will be 150 inches. It will be commercialised sometime next year after the unveiling at Las Vegas, the report added.

The same technology that Samsung used for its 4K resolution cinema LED has been applied but smaller, the report said, and the model is aimed at the home theatre market.

Apple is also reportedly working with Taiwan chip giant TSMC to develop Micro LED displays.

Making LED smaller is difficult. Micro LED displays have LEDs smaller than 100 micrometres, with each LED chip acting as a pixel. If realised, Micro LED displays will consume less power and won't have burn-in problems like OLED. If a plastic substrate is used, it can also be used for flexible displays.

Application in smartphones will likely take longer, as the LED chips must be even smaller.

A Samsung spokesman declined to comment.

The South Korean tech giant acquired LED signage firm Yesco back in 2015. Since than it has actively been selling its LED signage as part of its B2B display business.

For is flagship line, Samsung has been launching LCD TVs with quantum dot filters, dubbed QLED starting this year, since 2015.

Sony first demonstrated a 55-inch Micro LED TV back in 2012 and showed off many prototypes but is yet to commercialise them.


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