SAP HANA Vora goes GA

SAP's Spark-based interactive analytics tool releases to general availability.

SAP HANA Vora, a product announced, and which I covered, back in September, is now being released for general availability (GA).

Despite the branding, the product is based on Apache Spark rather than SAP HANA, although it can be nicely integrated with the latter. It allows for interactive query and analysis of data. But it's much more than a Spark SQL front end.

The product, which takes its name from the word "voracious," is correspondingly hungry for data. To aid in this, HANA Vora includes extensions to the Spark data sources API that support "push down" operations, in order to delegate some of the query work to the original data source engine itself.

The GA release of HANA Vora also supports connectivity to Amazon S3 file/blob storage, and includes a Beta-level OLAP (online analysis processing) modeler. The modeler allows for the definition of hierarchies to support drill-down analysis and SAP has implemented extensions to Spark SQL that support querying of hierarchical data.

Vora looks like a nice Spark-based analytics solution that will especially help in analysis of data coming from HANA, SAP's ERP software and/or SAP BW. And it helps Spark go mainstream, that much more and that much faster.