Sapho adds support for SAP Ariba, Concur Travel

Sapho's latest release adds more chart flexibility and support for SAP Ariba and Concur Travel.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Sapho added features to its Sapho Modern Portal 4.4 and outlined integrations with SAP Ariba and support for Concur Travel.


The integrations with SAP Ariba and Concur are notable since Sapho has historically served as a front-end to older legacy systems that need a user experience overhaul. By supporting more modern enterprise applications, Sapho is betting that its card and micro-service approach can apply to more of the enterprise.

Natalie Lambert, vice president of marketing at Sapho, noted that "a big part of this portal includes tying legacy systems together with more modern systems that employees use everyday."

Among the key updates to Sapho Modern Portal 4.4:

  • Sapho App will integrate with SAP Ariba to enable managers to approve or deny purchase requisitions.
  • The company will support Concur Travel and provide notifications when arrangements have been booked and remind customers to file expenses.
  • Horizontal bar and area charts will be added to visualize metrics. Sapho Builder will have two new types of charts to support horizontal orientations and more readability. Area charts will allow developers to represent data changes over time.
  • On the desktop, the Sapho App gets a sticky side menu and enable switching between micro apps and feeds.

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