Seagate offers low-cost 8TB hard drives

Got a lot of data? Finding your PC a little cramped when it comes to free space? Would a Seagate 8TB hard drive help?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
Seagate 8TB HDD
Seagate 8TB HDD
(Image: Seagate)

Finally, an affordable 8TB drive has surfaced.

Sold by Seagate under the "Archive Label" brand and aimed at those looking for a cost-effective storage solution, the drive retails for around $270, which is far more palatable than the $1,000 or so that 8TB drive from HGST are currently going for.

That works out at around $0.033 per gigabyte.

The drive 3.5-inch 5,900RPM SATA-3 drives feature 128MB of cache and come in two flavors; the ST8000AS0002 which doesn't have hardware encryption, and the ST8000AS0012 "Seagate Secure" model which does.

The drive contains six platters and uses Shingled Magnetic Recording technology that allows an extra 25 percent more data per platter. Average read speeds are rated at 150MB/s with a maximum sustained rate of 190MB/s.

The drives consume 7.5W when active and only 5W when idle.

Full spec can be found on the Seagate website.

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