Seagate unveils Lyve Cloud mass storage platform

The company said Lyve is an S3-compatible storage-only cloud designed to help enterprises extract more value out of data.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Seagate on Wednesday introduced a new storage-as-a-service platform called Lyve Cloud that the company said is an S3-compatible storage-only cloud designed to help enterprises extract more value out of data. 

Lyve is comprised of a suite of hardware, software, and services that aim to complement existing cloud infrastructure. For the distributed enterprise, Seagate said Lyve removes the cost and complexity of storing, moving, and activating data.

Seagate developed Lyve in partnership with digital infrastructure company Equinix, and the platform's infrastructure is available in Equinix's metro edge colocation data centers.

As a more than 40-year-old legacy technology company, Seagate said the move signals its focus on mass data solutions tied to digital transformation initiatives. The partnership with Equinix also plays into that strategy, as it will provide opportunities for better interconnect technology, reduced latency and geographical expansion, and give Seagate a more robust portfolio of services that streamlines data access, transport, and management for enterprises. 

"Lyve Cloud is a natural extension of Seagate's leadership in mass data solutions intended to help customers activate data they currently discard because it's too expensive to keep," said Ravi Naik, Seagate's CIO and the EVP of storage services for the company. "By providing cost-efficient cloud storage and placing it at the metro edge, closer to where their data is generated, Lyve Cloud lets enterprises store and activate their data at scale, securely and efficiently."

Seagate said Lyve offers privacy, no lock-in, and no egress fees, and enables customers to retain full control of their data while lowering TCO for storing massive datasets. Lyve Cloud is also ISO27001 and SOC2 certified.


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