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This week I continue my series on cool Hong Kong Web 2.0 companies and companies who are using Web 2.
Written by Andy Chun, Contributor

This week I continue my series on cool Hong Kong Web 2.0 companies and companies who are using Web 2.0 technologies to create innovative applications with rich user experience - Recruit.net is one such company.

Just launched in June 2006, Recruit.net is a vertical search engine for job listings. Unlike job listing sites like Monster.com or JobsDB.com, Recruit.net does not host job content for others. Instead, it aggregates job content automatically from thousands of sources across the web and allow the job seeker to instantly access millions of jobs from thousands of companies via one simple search.

Although based in Hong Kong, it supports searching job listings in several languages (English, Chinese, and Japanese) and indexes job content across this region, including China, Australia, India, Japan, and Singapore. According to Recruit.net, it currently has roughly 3 million jobs in their index! This makes it the first and largest job search engine in Asia and one of the first international job search engine in the world. Other vertical job search engines are focused on providing services within their own countries. For example, Indeed.com (US), SimplyHired.com (US), Bixee.com (India), WowJobs.ca (Canada) and Eluta.ca (Canada). In Europe, there is jobrapido that offers vertical job search for several European countries.

Recruit.net makes use of Web 2.0 technologies in many places to improve user experience. For example, it uses AJAX to create automatic suggestions for job categories and to improve response time. It has an interesting job trend charting tool that leverages on the collective knowledge contained in job postings across countries and organizations to determine job market trends over time. It also syndicates job content by allowing job seekers save a specific search as RSS feed or email alert. You can even add Recruit.net to your own website or blog with its real-time job ticker tool.

All in all, Recruit.net is one cool Web 2.0 application that makes job searching fun. If you are interested in Recruit.net, stay tuned to next week's blog when I interview Recruit.net's founder, Maneck Mohan.

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