Shinho trouble signals monitor market storm

The monitor market is nursing its latest consolidation casualty today as South Korean monitor builder Shinho Electronics went into Chapter 11.

The move follows this week's £1.4 million buy out of Microvitec's displays division by Conrac Technology.

Although a small company, Shinho's demise is symptomatic of the current mood in the monitor market. "It's market dynamics," said Matthew Gillard, ADI's marketing manager. "I know there have been problems at Shinho, but that just reflects the state the market is in at the moment. Too many players and not enough business to go around."

His views were echoed by Aaron Fright, Samsung Electronics' product marketing manager. "There is still tremendous competition and it will be the technology makers that will come out on top," he said. "The clone builders are the ones who are going to suffer."