Should Cristiano Ronaldo sell purses in India? Humanz Big Data analysis says yes

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo would be a great candidate for a purse campaign in India due to the influence he carries within the population there and their interests.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most liked and followed humans on Instagram -- but why would he be so suitable for a purse campaign in India? Tel Aviv, Israel-based Ai-powered platform Humanz thinks he would be perfect for the job.

It ran its algorithm on the footballer and identified some key components that would make him the perfect person for a marketing campaign there: Over one in three (37%) of his audience of authentic users are in India.

Four of the top five interest categories of his audience are: Lifestyle. Fashion, Beauty, and Travel. And a product that cuts across all of these categories is 'handbags, or purses'.

Additionally, almost seven in ten (69%) of his female audience are old enough to make their own purchase decisions (19 years and older). A perfect match for brands -- chosen by AI.

Should Christiano Ronaldo sell purses in India? Humanz Big Data analysis says yes zdnet

The Humanz AI engine identifies suspicious users by analyzing each profile in the social network to decide based on machine learning (ML) whether a user is "suspicious" or not.

The analysis uses myriad data points such as whether or not there is a face in a profile picture, ratios between followers and following, number of posts, engagement, specific words in the bio, among other statistical tools.

It also calculates how likely it is that a user will see a post with its proprietary statistical algorithm. Then the probability of each user's likelihood to see a post is then aggregated to its impressions score.

For example, if an influencer has 10K followers the platform detects and clears suspicious followers. If 20% of their followers are "suspicious," their max 'Humanz impressions' score in a perfect case can be only 8000.

Next, for each follower, the algorithm calculates the probability (number between 0-1) that he/she will see the influencer's post or tweet.

The chance for each follower is based on: the number of real followers, activity by the number of posts, followers, the average time in social networks based on open sources, and the average time to see a post.

Finally, the algorithm aggregates all the probabilities and calculates a 'Humanz impressions' score. The tool provides brands with an insiders view on how authenticity is being measured.

Influencer marketing appears to be one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising, with forecasted annual growth of 32% between 2020 and 2025. With so much money at stake, it is important to be able to verify that the influencer you choose for your marketing campaign is worth your budget.

Nefarious actors offering services like buying fake followers, or having bots engaged with content, does not do brands any good in the long term.

Making sure that your influencer is actually authentic is really important to prevent your audience turning away and going elsewhere.

Having legitimate influencers will ensure the level of trust between influencers and brands to safeguard your budget and guarantee that brands are actually getting what they pay for.

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