Sideprojectors: Buy a startup for $1

Ever wonder where a startup idea goes before it dies? Try this thrift store for startups.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

For every successful startup there are scores of failed business ideas. But have you ever wondered where those startup ideas go before they die?

Take a look through Sideprojectors, an online marketplace for developers who have lost passion for their side projects and are looking to sell (or find a partner to help resurrect it). And if you're into turning around failing projects there are deals to be had (maybe).

On the low end there's TrackingDiet.com, a website that helps you track your vitamin intake. It's going for $1 (or best offer). Looking to spend a bit more? There's Winestagram, going for $10. Why so cheap? The description might give you an idea:

After you & your friends open a wine bottle, take a photo that represents yourselves or your event. Upload the photo to Winestagram, and we'll give you a simple code. Write the code on your cork and keep the cork as a souvenir...you can use it to look up your photo in the future!

But not all the ideas are of the bargain-bin variety. On the high end there's Pajap, which creates "100% native android apps instantly," going for $30,000. But then there's also uPoop, the app that, what else, aims to "redefine the pooping experience." Great.

The site, itself a budding project, feels like a thrift store for startups and, as Gawker proclaims, a sign that there are "officially too many ideas." But let's not be too quick to dismiss these startups. As Marc Andreessen, cofounder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, explains, the increase of startup ideas, even the bad ones, helps push the technology industry forward.

And who knows, maybe if you dig a little you can find the gem that needs your expertise to get polished up.

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