Skype drops Windows Mobile and Skype Lite from its offerings

Skype recently pulled its Windows Mobile and Skype Lite versions from its website because it wants to offer its new customers an improved mobile experience. Even though the Windows Mobile version didn't have the most beautiful UI, it got the job done.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on
I've been using Skype since its inception, and as a result have always installed it on whatever mobile device I have available. For this reason I was shocked to learn that Skype was pulling support for Windows Mobile. According to the company's FAQ, the company has chosen to withdraw Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile because it wants to "offer our new customers an improved mobile experience - much like the version that has proved so popular on the iPhone, and which is now available on Symbian phones."

Skype goes on to say that the company's focus is on providing a rich user experience that allows you to use Skype as easily "on the move as you do at your desktop."

If you already have Skype for Windows Mobile or Skype Lite installed it should work throughout 2010 (no word on what will happen after that), but as of this writing you can no longer download either solution.

If you look at the company's statement about providing an improved mobile experience, I couldn't agree more. However, I found nothing wrong with the Windows Mobile version. Sure, it wasn't as fancy as the iPhone one, but it worked well enough. For example, I had an IM session via Skype not too long ago on a Samsung BlackJack II, and at one point I escalated that IM session to a Skype call while also reading an e-mail and even launching a PDF. It wasn't the most beautiful UI, but it got the job done, and did it well.

I'm sure they'll make one for Windows Mobile 7 Series, since that's going to provide a nicer UI, but Skype is now making a decision to completely alienate users of older Windows Mobile devices. I don't think that's the best business decision.

Have you used Skype on Windows Mobile or Skype Lite? Do you want to see Skype offer it again? If so, comment below. Perhaps if enough people band together on this one and ask Skype to still offer the Windows Mobile version but just not support it, the company will re-instate it.

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