Slack launches its first AI search feature

It's the first feature to come out of Slack's Search Learning & Intelligence (SLI) group.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor
Image via Slack.

Workplace collaboration platform Slack is rolling out its first feature from the Search Learning & Intelligence (SLI) group. Formed a year ago, Slack's SLI group is a team of 12 people working to build an intelligent layer on top of Slack via search and machine-learning technology.

The new functionality is essentially an artificial intelligence-powered search feature that helps users find the people who are most likely to know about a given topic, with the aim of getting input more efficiently and making decisions faster.

The AI search feature surfaces the channels most relevant to a topic, the people in a network who have subject matter expertise related to that topic and the channels where you can reach them.

According to Slack, the feature comes without teams or admins having to do any extra work; they just search Slack as they normally would, and a new "People & Channels" section will appear at the top of the search results when relevant to the question.


Keep in mind that the new search feature isn't available to teams using Slack's free service plan, and teams with paid plans must have at least 50 members to use the feature.

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