SnapLogic bets AI technology called Iris will speed up enterprise integration

Iris, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by SnapLogic, powers an integration recommendation engine that aims to make it easier for analysts and business leaders to connect data and process application flows.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

SnapLogic rolled out artificial intelligence technology, called Iris, which is designed to integrate enterprise applications and enable line of business leaders to connect software.

Iris has been in the works for about two years, said Gaurav Dhillon, CEO of SnapLogic. SnapLogic said Iris will build on its vision for technology integration, which will revolve around self-service.

AI will sit in the middle of SnapLogic's Enterprise Integration Cloud via an Integration Assistant feature. SnapLogic Integration Assistant is a recommendation engine that uses machine learning to allow business users and analysts to build data pipelines. The technology will be available next month in SnapLogic's Spring Release.


For Dhillon, co-founder of SnapLogic and then Informatica before that, Iris is as important as the company's "snap" architecture that connects enterprise applications.

Dhillon said the aim is to create "autonomous integration," which is akin to self-driving software that connects itself. Today, the SnapLogic Integration Assistant has about 90 percent accuracy with its integration recommendations, but that rate will improve with data about applications and business processes.

SnapLogic's Enterprise Integration Cloud aims to create and manage data and process flows across the cloud, on-premises applications, multiple data stores, and Internet of Things deployments without code.

The company has raised more than $136 million in venture funding with a $40 million round in December. Microsoft, Silver Lake, Ignition, and Andreessen Horowitz are among the company's investors.

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