Social impact app ImpactWayv aims to connect people for good causes and CSR

ImpactWayv has released its app that connects users and socially responsible brands that want to do good.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

New York City-based social impact services platform ImpactWayv intends to connect people and encourage them to do good things. It focuses on social impact and philanthropy with an attempt to drive social good.

Social impact app ImpactWayv aims to connect people for good causes and CSR zdnet

The platform -- and app launched this week for iOS -- wants to focus on topics such as climate change, corporate social responsibility, and renewable energy.

The platform will include organizations that have claimed their profiles and become active on the platform leading up to launch, along with some additional household company and non-profit names.

The platform intends to foster connections between its partners and social organizations. Users can find organizations that focus on climate action, economic development, community development, healthcare, and technology, and follow their social activities.

Users can also check their impact for the topics they care about. They can interact through public and private networks and content feeds, support businesses and non-profits, and follow "Wayvs" to engage with like-minded users, social impact causes, and trends.

ImpactWayv is only available on the Apple app store at the moment, but the company says that the app will be made available on other non-iOS devices later this year. It has received seed funding from its founding team and other private investors from the groups' personal networks.

Its website says that by using the platform you will have access to up to one million non-profits, over 20,000 companies, and over 750 CSR data sources. It is encouraging businesses to register with the company to claim a 'dynamic profile' for the organization, or partner with the platform.

Dan Rubino, co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of ImpactWayv Inc. said, "Finally, there is a purpose-built social media platform that gives consumers, brands, businesses, and non-profits a way to explore, create, engage, and transact across all categories of daily life, with more meaning, more purpose, and more goodwill."

The company was unable to answer whether the platform could prevent children from viewing adult-only content if it is posted, or how it would moderate and eliminate far right groups such as QAnon.

It also did not address whether the app could prevent cyber-bullying, grooming of children, or trolling, instead stating that it will enforce its code of conduct, which "reserves the right to remove any users who violate its code of conduct" and will work "to address misinformation concerns on the platform."

ImpactWayv is not the first social platform to focus on social good. Social impact scoring platform xocial was launched in 2016, and evolved into an analytics platform that delivers social impact reporting.

The start-up Gainly focuses on corporate social responsibility to help employees track their social impact, and social media company Gravvity wants to create a healthier social media app with a happier news feed.

There are also apps such as Roundup and Sharethemeal which allow you to donate directly. And Socially Good lets you contribute to good causes or even volunteer.

Hopefully ImpactWayv can evolve into an enterprise CSR platform and partner with large organizations to ensure that the move to make a change for social good continues to progress.

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