Gainly reinvents corporate social responsibility to fight global issues

Gainly is helping companies put their CSR to good use through its crowdfunding platform
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Many companies have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives but sometimes these initiatives can become disconnected from what their employees want.

And CSR programs have their challenges with SMEs in the UK struggling to engage with CSR. Almost nine out of ten (88%) of SMEs value CSR, yet 70% struggle to actually embed practices and strategies for it across businesses.

To try and address this disconnect, London, UK-based start-up Gainly intends to simplify CSR by digitising it using a SaaS platform to deliver effective CSR projects. 

Its mission is to reinvent CSR for both employees and companies. The platform will enable companies to set up, personalise, track and publish their CSR impact. 

Employees can then choose where to donate the CSR budget from a selection of charitable projects released on the platform each month.

The company knows that "humans will always face global challenges" and "companies no matter how big or small, are made of people".

It wants Gainly to become the platform that will help other people. Its mission is to "build a sustainable future by providing a service that empowers companies and their employees to invest in change".

Gainly was created by four friends who believe that simplifying and digitising CSR will enable the company to achieve the UN''s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

It intends to connect companies with charitable projects that fight against COVID-19 and other global issues such as climate change, poverty, or injustice amongst others. The company intends to reinvent corporate social responsibility to make it easier for companies to connect to CSR initiatives.

The Gainly crowdfunding platform enables employees to donate business' CSR budgets to charitable projects such as donating money to manufacture medical equipment or plant trees, to volunteering time at homeless shelters or soup kitchens.

Companies can then share their achievements and publish the impact that the projects are having.

The company is targeting SMEs and working with local and global charities which align with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Companies can set their CSR budget per employee, personalise their corporate CSR goals, view and track donations, publish reports, and bolster their CSR activities. Gainly charges a subscription cost of around $5 per employee per month to be on the platform. Companies can match any amount that employees donate to the platform.

Charities with a project on Gainly receive 100% of donations straight to the causes. There is no cost for charities to be on Gainly. The company says it is adding 30 new charitable projects every month.

The company has a waiting list which enables organisations to submit the types of projects they would like to include on the platform, and join when the platform is live. 

For employees, knowing how they can help CSR  -- and knowing exactly which cause their cash will go to -– must be the most motivating feeling of all.

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