Social networking and video dominate smartphone use, but email generates the most ROI

The increase in mobile data traffic is an unstoppable force, and entertaining us accounts for over half of this traffic, but does creating content for our entertainment generate the most return on investment (ROI) for marketers?
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Every year, someone writes an article proclaiming that email marketing is dead -- and every year they are proven wrong.

Mobile data traffic is expected to increase sevenfold by 2021, according to Cisco's Visual Networking Index (VNI).

This smartphone usage expansion is due to improvements in network speeds and increasing availability of mobile applications, and the significant consumption of mobile video will all contribute to this growth.

So, how do marketers deliver the right messages to their customers to deliver the best ROI for their campaigns?

A recent report by technology adviser Analysys Mason shows that entertainment is the dominant activity on our smartphones -- accounting for 57 percent of our data usage and almost a third of overall time spent on the device. It analysed real-world usage from over 8,000 smartphones in Germany, India, UK, and US.

But if you are a marketer this might not be good news. It takes significant time and resources to create world-leading entertainment content to post across social channels. How do marketers connect with their audience and get a good return for their efforts?

A report from email marketing platform Emma shows that marketers are already overwhelmed and unable to meet expectations. Over 64 percent of marketers do not have the time or personnel to carry out the marketing activities that they would like to.

There are too many channels to focus on and not enough return for their efforts. It is easy to get side-tracked by flashier social channels, and marketers feel like they have to master every new thing that comes along

A look at customer data and response metrics will show which what channels are most successful for reaching the target audience so that marketers can focus their efforts there. And it is often email -- not social -- that is overlooked.

Now marketers are turning to email marketing to simplify their activities. Every year, someone writes an article proclaiming that email marketing is dead -- and every year they are proven wrong.

Although 'batch-and-blast email marketing' may be dead, timely email marketing campaigns could become key to successful digital marketing programs.

According to Emma, 47 percent of marketers said that email generates the most ROI for their organisation, and 58 percent of them are planning to increase their spending on email marketing in 2018.

With new channels seemingly popping up every day, marketers often feel like they have to be on all social channels all the time. But with the other half of our mobile data usage, we are very likely looking at -- and responding to -- a well-crafted email campaign.


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