Software Warehouse sets up ISP unit

UK mail-order software giant Software Warehouse has set up as an Internet service provider (ISP) with an £8.50 + VAT per month service that undercuts the opposition's current pricing.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The Coleshill, Warwickshire-based powerhouse, which has struck it rich selling software at low prices through catalogues and huge trade press advertisements, set up its ISP division this month under the softNET name. A single 0345 number connects all users, providing local call charges across the UK. softNET also claims it will have the fastest backbone available at all times, backed up by 24-hour, 365-day support.

Subscribers will be able to buy a Philips 28,800bps modem for £49.95 + VAT and softNET will also offer a £12.75 Starter Pack with Quarterdeck's InternetSuite 2.0 and Web Talk telephony package, plus PC-cillin Internet anti-virus toolkit, TW2's EasyWeb page designer, and CYBERsitter usage restriction software.

Software Warehouse can be contacted by telephone on 01675-466467.

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