Sony spins out sub-£600 CD-R

Sony has announced a sub-£600 CD-ROM recorder that can fill a 650Mb disk with audio, multimedia or data in 30 minutes.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The internal Spressa 940 drive (£575 + VAT) has an access time of 250ms and data transfer rate of 300Kbit/sec write and 600Kb/sec read. An external version, the Spressa 9411, costs £700 + VAT.

The Spressa 940 bundle includes Macintosh and PC versions of Corel's CD Creator software for disk mastering, and a 650Mb recordable disk. The drive supports CD-ROM, CD-I, CD-DA and CD Bridge standards.

Sony can be contacted by telephone on 01932-816000.

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