Sony targets fashionistas with new Signature Collection of Vaio laptops

Remember when all laptop cases were a slab of plastic or, if you were lucky (i.e.

Remember when all laptop cases were a slab of plastic or, if you were lucky (i.e., you paid more), brushed aluminum? Now you can find notebooks with limited-edition case designs from famous artists, a rainbow of color choices, or even exotic materials. Sony is no stranger to tarting up its Vaio portables, as its latest Signature Collection limited edition lineup makes clear.

For those who view a laptop as a fashion accessory as much as a computing device, the Arabesque design on the Vaio EA should capture their fancy. The elaborately raised texture comes in black (pictured above), gold, and pink colors, the latter two of which would be suitable for Paris Hilton if they cost a lot more than the $919.99 they start at. That includes an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, and 14-inch LED-backlit screen.

If you want a subtler look, the Metal Shield version of the Vaio Z has a mosaic design (which Sony describes as "a hexagonal object with a triangular object inside") with a silvery finish. At $2,019.99, it costs $100 more than the base model. For a $50 surcharge, you can alternatively get the even more understated Carbon Fiber version. And if the 3-pound Vaio Z isn't small enough for you, there's the 1.6-pound Carbon Fiber Vaio X (pictured right) for $1,599.99.

Have you (or would you) paid extra for a unique case design for your laptop? How much did you (or would you) pay extra for the upgrade? Let us know in the Comments section.