Sorry Facebook users, the IPO is exclusive to the rich savvy investor

Many Facebook users may be excited about hitting it big time by buying Facebook stock. However, very few users can actually get in on the IPO action thanks to the system we have in place.

The Facebook IPO story was major news this week and when I went home my wife and daughters were telling me we should buy some stock because they see the value in Facebook daily and think it is a good purchase. I am not a financial expert or anything, but from what I understand most all of the actual Facebook users won't be able to get in on the initial purchase and will have to wait for major investors and institutions with all the cash to ride out the initial stock offering. With all of the Occupy movements bashing the 1%, I find it interesting that there isn't more of this uproar over the way the stock purchase system works where the rich get richer while the people using the products and services work to survive.

I wrote a book on Facebook, don't worry I am not getting any royalty payments, and use the service daily to connect with family and friends. It is my go-to service for sharing photos, gaming with Words with Friends, sharing accomplishments, and discussing the latest news and events. Facebook is well integrated into mobile phones and I actually prefer using the mobile apps more than the website itself. I believe it is a service that will be around for a long time and I would seriously consider purchasing some stock. Are any readers rich enough to get in on the Facebook IPO?

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