Special report: From Cloud to Edge: The Next IT Transformation (free PDF)

This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic examines the current and future role of edge computing in enterprises. From quick ROI and security solutions to real-time analytics and automation, various industries embrace edge computing technologies.
Written by Melanie Wachsman, Editor
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Edge computing has become widespread, as more companies rely on IoT-based technologies that assist with enterprise physical security, monitoring, and automated equipment. Specifically, companies are investing in sensors, cameras, remote devices, servers, and networks at the edges of their enterprises. This is thanks in part to the combination of new 5G, and edge computing capabilities offering everything from real-time analytics to automation to self-driving cars and trucks.

ZDNet and TechRepublic journalists have launched a special report examining the role edge computing plays in various industries and delves into the benefits and risks pertaining to edge computing implementation. Here's a look at what's in this free PDF ebook.

Nick Heath explains what you need to know before traveling down the route of edge analytics and processing. Charles McLellan explores how the combination of billions of IoT devices, and 5G networks are set to drive a profound change in the way computing workloads are deployed.

Also in the ebook, Alison Rayome Denisco describes ten scenarios where edge computing can bring new value to businesses. Macy Bayern takes an in-depth look at how edge computing transformed marine biology research at Oregon State University.

Vendors can offer value-added services to their edge computing clients. Check out Conner Forrest's article about ten computing vendors to watch. Before you try to sell the C-suite on an edge computing solution, consider these 10 questions posed by Mary Shacklett. Danny Palmer explores the cybersecurity risks of edge computing.

To read all these articles, plus details on original research from ZDNet sister site Tech Pro Research, and IT budget case studies, download the free Special report: From cloud to edge: The next IT transformation (free PDF)

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