SplashID puts the KEY in USB Key

Unlock your passwords and private info with a USB drive that's shaped like a key
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

I've been using USB thumb drives since their inception. That said, I tend to call them USB drives, but most non-techies that I know call them a USB key. I still haven't figured out why that is, but now, thanks to SplashID's latest iteration, they're not that far off.

The folks behind SplashID have created a new USB drive in the shape of a key. As you might expect, it's cleverly named SplashID "Key" Safe (quotes are mine). If you're not familiar with SplashID, it's a program that lets you store usernames, passwords, and more. In the case of the SplashID Key Safe, you get a USB drive (in the shape of a key) that sports 2 GB of storage, and the ability to run SplashID completely self contained--leaving no trace of any of your data on the host computer once you remove the USB drive.


I think the concept of making it look like a key is pretty clever, and could resonate with techies and non-techs alike. I should also mention that SplashData isn't the first to market with a USB drive that looks like a key. Apparently, LaCie has a couple already, including the iamaKey and itsaKey. However, they're just straight USB drives, and don't offer the SplashID software.

I have played around with versions of SplashID in the past, but this one definitely piqued my interest. With the ability to completely remove all traces of itself on both a Mac and PC, this is sure to be a winner for many people who are concerned about identity theft, privacy, and security.

Read more about the SplashID Key Safe at SplashData.com

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