Splunk aims to use augmented reality to monitor server racks, equipment to bring data to multiple screens

Splunk's Connected Experience suite aims to bring data and insights to everything from the Apple Watch to Apple TV and the iPhone.
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Splunk has made its Connected Experiences and Business Flow suites available and the biggest takeaway is that the machine learning analytics company is aiming to deliver data on multiple screens ranging from TV to wearables to augmented reality on mobile devices.

Connected Experiences from Splunk will take data from things like server logs and use augmented reality to deliver insights anywhere. Splunk Business Flow aims to bring data about business processes and customer experiences to the forefront.

According to Splunk its Connected Experiences suite combines the company's Cloud Gateway, mobile dashboards that allow workers to take action and access data, Splunk TV for data viewing on Apple TV and augmented reality for servers and equipment health data.

Splunk's Connected Experiences is primarily designed for iOS apps and devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

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Here are a few screenshots of what Splunk AR would look like on an iPad that scans a QR code on a server rack.


As for Splunk Business Flow, the suite is designed to mine data and processes to find bottlenecks and improve business performance. Data across systems can be correlated automatically with visualization tools and root cause analytics.

The company also said it is also expanding its artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for IT operations. Splunk's move enables more automation and so-called AIOps, a set of tools for managing, automating and deploying AI.

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