Stac reaches out into new fields

Shorn of its near-namesake compression utility, Stac Electronics will this week release updates of its ReachOut remote communications and CD-QuickShare CD-ROM sharing packages.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The US software vendor has given up on its Stacker disk doubling line after the inclusion of compression in Windows 95 took the wind out of its sails, and has reinvented itself as an enterprise network/storage/Internet concern.

ReachOut 6.0 for Windows 95 (£149 + VAT list) adds the ability to use Web browsers to remotely publish and transfer files with designated levels of security and access. Multiple files and subdirectores can also be transferred by drag-and-drop at the same time and firewall support is integrated. Windows 3.1 and DOS clients are bundled. Stac also claims a 15 per cent improvement in modem transfer performance and DSVD voice-modems are supported for the first time. Version 5.0 users can upgrade for free and a 30-day trial version is available from Stac's Web site.

CD-QuickShare Network Edition (£950 + VAT list) allows users on a LAN to simultaneously connect to compressed data held on CD-ROMs.

Stac can be contacted by telephone on 01344-302900.

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