Startups offer AI-powered sales technologies aimed at conferences and exhibitions

Business shows and conferences are hugely important -- a $500 billion US market but are notoriously difficult to manage for sales contacts, leads, and follow-ups. SummitSync and Conversica have teamed up to service a neglected opportunity for automating time-consuming tasks.
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

SummitSync and Conversica this week announced a new service that seeks to automate identifying key prospects at conferences and exhibitions, use AI bots to schedule meetings and follow up on sales leads -- all integrated into Salesforce. 

The two companies have compatible technologies and will offer their integrated service to companies attending various events, and also to event organizers as a way to connect their attendees and sponsors.

"It's difficult to attribute the value of your marketing at events, yet this is about a $500 billion industry in the US alone," said Al Torres, President of SummitSync. "We automate all the logistics in terms of arranging meetings which typically take 7 to ten minutes each. If you have 30 meetings, that's a lot of administration time."

The service provides metrics that companies can use to determine if their conferences and exhibition attendance is worthwhile. Often companies fail to follow up on their leads or are unable to make the right connections at the events.

The AI systems of both companies help schedule meetings with contacts and interface with their Salesforce accounts to check on prior meetings and notes. The service automatically syncs with messaging platforms and calendars. 

The companies claim that their combined service will provide an average improvement of three-times the number of meetings with the right contacts at conferences and trade shows. 

Potential prospects are more easily identified and followed up through the marketing funnel of each client.  

Sales processes can be very lengthy for products and services in enterprise IT markets, with an average of about 18 months and sometimes much longer to complete a sale. 

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