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Stay on track and manage projects remotely with this $49 toolkit

Master the transition to remote work with this bundle.

The coronavirus pandemic and its effects aren't going away any time soon. Even as places begin opening back up, many workers will continue to operate remotely for the foreseeable future. If you thought the change was temporary and just planned on riding it out for a few months until things go back to normal, well, you're in for a rude awakening. It might finally be time to optimize your at-home workflow so you can get things done.

Working from home brings a lot of new and unexpected challenges. Lack of motivation, procrastination, time zone differences across the workforce, and communication challenges all plague remote work situations. But you can address those issues and more with the Remote Project Management Toolkit Bundle.

Remote Project Management Toolkit Bundle


Working remotely doesn't have to be difficult. You just need the Remote Project Management Toolkit Bundle and a little time and energy to master all the challenges that this new work arrangement presents. A lifetime subscription usually retails for $750, but you can save 93% off that price right now. You'll pay just $49 for this remote work guide.

This toolkit has the answers to address just about all of your problems as a remote worker. With a lifetime subscription, you'll get access to one-hour, interactive online video conferences that will teach you how to take on the role of Digital Project Manager and thrive as you work with a team that could be scattered across the world. Prior conference topics include things like "Survival Strategies For Freelance Project Managers" and "Tactics To Transform Client Communications," and new sessions are being added on the regular.

Beyond the workshops, you'll have access to an entire community of project managers through a peer-to-peer mentorship group and Slack community. These offer you the chance to collaborate with and learn from others in your field. Find out what works for them and how you can apply those learnings to your own team.

Once you've mastered the techniques that work, it's time to put them into action. That is where the Remote Project Management Toolkit Bundle's collection of templates and samples come in handy. This vast library of templates makes it easy for you to edit and repurpose to your own needs and fit them to your project. You can also read through a collection of ebooks that offer step-by-step walkthroughs and guidance to help you manage a successful project.