Still having iPhone problems? Help is on the way

iOS 14.2 still has a lot of bugs, but hopefully we'll see many getting fixed before the year is out.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

iOS 14 -- or more specifically, iOS 14.2, or for those running an iPhone 12, iOS 14.2.1 -- is still pretty buggy. I wouldn't say that any one bug is a widespread showstopper, but more a care of a lot of bugs, each affecting a subset of user.

Bugs range from that constant companion, poor battery life, to more random bugs such as poor cell reception and problems with notifications not showing up.

But help appears to be on the way, in the form of iOS 14.3.

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As of late, I've been recruiting a few people suffering from iPhone issues into a small, personal test group to see if their problems improve (don't worry, I outline the possible pitfalls, but switching to a public beta of a minor release is less problematic than doing the same with a major release).

Here's how you go about installing the public beta on your iPhone.

And on the whole, the response for iOS 14.3, especially the latest public beta 3, has been good.

Here's what I've been hearing back from users.

-       Battery life is improved

-       Performance is "less laggy" on older iPhones

-       Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with cellular, seems more stable

-       Bugs, such as notifications not showing, seems to be fixed.

Seems good. I've been running the beta on my main daily driver and overall compared to iOS 14.2 it does feel more refined and better finished.

As usual, your mileage can -- and probably will -- vary. 

But if you are suffering, then you can either take your chances with iOS 14.3 beta, or wait until the final version is released soon.

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