Strike another blow to Education IT

Why doesn't the White House understand that our future rests in the hands of our youth. Without the tools (and the knowledge to use them) and without training in twenty-first century skills, our students are doomed to fall even further behind their counterparts overseas.

Marc Wagner

On Monday, 19 November, eSchool News reported Bush vetoes education spending bill.  This bill would have provided $271 million dollars for Education Technology and another $1.2 billion for career and technical education.  The excuse for vetoing this bill was that the Administration wanted no funding for Ed Tech and only $600 million for career and technical education.  This was the same day that the President signed a $471 billion (non-war) budget.  This did not include $196 billion dollars earmarked for Iraq and Afghanistan!

I don't want to get into a political debate about the merits of our military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan but to fail to fund education -- and especially Education IT -- at reasonable levels is simply unconscionable! 

I hope that all who read this will take part in the political process between now and election day, 2008.  We have to be engaged if we want to have a positive impact on the future -- for ourselves and our children.