Stripe launches Partner Program

Stripe's pitch is that their formalized partner ecosystem will enable companies to "grow the internet economy together."
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Stripe on Tuesday announced the launch of its Stripe Partner Program, a formalized network of businesses that use Stripe's payments platform and tools.

Thousands of major companies like Shopify and DocuSign use Stripe to facilitate payments on their own platforms. Other companies like the customer data platform Segment build extensions to add new features to the Stripe platform. The new Partner Program encompasses both kinds of partners.

Stripe says it is launching the program because its enterprise users have asked for a more formal way to discover new, reliable partners to work with. And while a partner network will help grow the Stripe platform, Stripe says it will also help grow the overall internet economy.

"Our partners build technology and software that bring more businesses online, enable new types of businesses, and help them work more effectively," the Partner Program page says. "We've designed a program to help accelerate and amplify their impact."

There are two tiers to the program: Companies can register as a Stripe partner for free and get access to resources like best practices and pre-built marketing material. Alternatively, they can pay $250 a year to be a "Verified Partner," which gives them perks like a listing in the "Works with Stripe" partners gallery and the ability to escalate support questions on behalf of customers.

Stripe shared some data suggesting companies could see their business grow by becoming a Stripe partner. For instance, more than 50 percent of Stripe businesses double their monthly volume after two years.

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