SugarCRM adds 'sentiment analysis' to SugarPredict AI

SugarCRM is hoping the tool will detect "customer intent and emotional state" so that sales and service professionals can "produce the right answers and outcomes quickly and confidently."
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

SugarCRM unveiled a new tool that the company believes can add "sentiment analysis" to the expanding suite of capabilities within SugarPredict AI.

The tool will use natural language processing and AI to provide sales and service personnel with information about a customer's "emotional state and intent."

The company said the SugarLive tool will help sales workers "track the details of each customer interaction as it's happening" and "access customer information across all touch points and channels at the exact moment it's needed."

The goal of the tool is to bring "next-level, empathic engagement" to sales and service teams, according to a statement from the company. 

"By providing teams with an understanding of intent, sales and service personnel can be prompted on the next best action to support the customer journey -- i.e. to escalate to a supervisor, present a save-the-sale offer, or to take an opportunity to upsell," SugarCRM said.  

"Organizations are focusing on harnessing AI as a means of better understanding and delivering on customer needs. By detecting customer intent and emotional state, SugarPredict can empower sales and service professionals to produce the right answers and outcomes quickly and confidently, commanding greater customer satisfaction and loyalty."

The tool will also be used by supervisors to determine how sales workers conduct themselves during customer interactions. 

Sugar CTO Rich Green said sales and service professionals are under a great deal of pressure because a customer's business can be won or lost based on a single misstep.

Green said SugarPredict sentiment analysis will allow workers to get "every interaction right and connect deeply on a human level."

"You rarely get a second chance to make a great impression with a customer," Green said. "This is why we're proud to be extending SugarPredict sentiment analysis to empower sales and service professionals on the customer front lines – where the battle for customer loyalty is waged on a daily basis."

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