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Part of a ZDNet Special Feature: From Cloud to Edge: The Next IT Transformation

Survey shows businesses eager to implement and invest in edge computing

According to responses from a recent Tech Pro Research survey, businesses are embracing edge computing technologies, but for many different reasons.

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Special Feature

Special report: From Cloud to Edge: The Next IT Transformation (free PDF) Special report: From Cloud to Edge: The Next IT Transformation (free PDF) This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet / TechRepublic special feature, explores how the combination of 5G and edge computing will unleash new IT capabilities.

From real-time analytics to automation and to self-driving cars and trucks, edge computing is unleashing multiple new capabilities, and companies couldn't be more receptive to it, said ZDNet sister site Tech Pro Research. According to a recent Tech Pro Research survey, 52 percent of respondents currently use edge computing technologies, and 51 percent of respondents plan to employ edge computing technologies within the next 12 months.

Currently, companies spend on IoT-based technologies like cameras and sensors that focus on security, monitoring, and equipment automation. The ability to monitor and maintain equipment located at remote sites without traveling to perform maintenance, as well as the capability to monitor and manage physical facilities in real-time, speaks to edge computing's vast appeal.

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Edge solutions vary by the marketplace. According to survey respondents, 52 percent use edge computing for mobile devices and laptops, while 47 percent use it for remote servers and networks.

In the future, companies plan to invest in edge technologies that deliver immediate business value to organizations. Expect to see more implementation of remote IoT sensors and systems, cameras, industrial robots, and equipment that ties into networks. This makes sense as more companies move into hybrid computing architectures, and edge computing plugs into these hybrid architectures.

However, survey respondents are evenly split regarding how edge computing affects their data center budget: 32 percent say their data center budget size is unchanged; 32 percent say it is shrinking; and 26 percent say it is growing.

This infographic contains more details from the research. For all the findings, download the full report: Edge computing research report 2018: Implementation and investment growing across industries (available to Tech Pro Research subscribers).


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