Survey: SMBs' tech stack relies on internal and cloud-based servers

63% of survey respondents to a TechRepublic Premium survey deploy both on- and off-premises internal servers.
Written by Melanie Wachsman, Editor

The ideal tech stack is an important consideration for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The set of technology, including software, programming languages, cloud services and so on, that an organization deploys could mean the difference between operating a conventional company or an innovative one.

How do SMBs build a technology stack? TechRepublic Premium surveyed SMB decision-makers to find out. 

SEE: Research: SMB IT stack decisions based on fulfilling business needs (TechRepublic Premium)

According to the survey results, SMB IT deployment relies on a mix of internal and cloud-based servers. The majority of respondents (63%) currently use internal servers (both on- and off-premises). The second most-used service is a combination of servers and cloud services (39%); while Microsoft Azure closely followed at 34%. Google Cloud Platform (29%), Amazon AWS (28%), and a combination of more than one cloud service (17%) rounded out the list of responses.

In terms of hardware, software or cloud services deployment within the next 12 months, 40% of respondents list internal servers (on- or off-promises) as coming to their company in the near future. Microsoft Azure is in the plans for 34% of respondents; 28% of respondents will deploy Amazon AWS, and 27% plan to deploy a combination of servers and cloud services.

When asked about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) features and applications that companies either currently deploy or will deploy in the next 12 months, database servers (42%) topped the list, with file storage servers (41%) ranking a close second. Other features and apps (37%), artificial intelligence (35%), and Internet of Things (IoT) management (23%) rounded out the remainder of the most popular responses.

Interestingly, 25% of respondents have no plans to deploy any hardware, software, or cloud services in the next 12 months. Likewise, 32% of respondents have no plans to deploy any SaaS features or apps in the next 12 months.

What factors do companies consider when selecting and deploying their technology? The top three factors in order of most importance include: Fulfilling business needs, cost, and security.

However, what technologies companies want to purchase and what they actually do purchase may differ. Ultimately, the majority of respondents (60%) say that tech purchasing decisions remain in the hands of the company's owner/CEO/founder.

To read more findings and analysis, download the full report: Research: SMB IT stack decisions based on fulfilling business needs (available for TechRepublic Premium subscribers).

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