SUSE Linux does data big

Who knew that SUSE Linux is so big into big data? Apparently a lot of big companies know but the secret for the rest of us is out.
Written by Ken Hess, Contributor

SUSE Linux might not make headlines as often as Red Hat or Ubuntu but its proponents have worked in the background to secure some of the best and biggest big data accounts in the world. If someone had asked me a few days ago to name the operating systems or distributions most likely to succeed in data centers as big data platforms, SUSE might not have been on the list. I would have been wrong not to include it in that list. And to think that SUSE was once one of my chosen favorite distros in the late 1990s. Back then, it was a German distro that was little known in The States. 

 These days, SUSE is the platform of choice for big data innovators. The biggest names in big data (SAP, Teradata, Cloudera, Hortonworks, WANdisco, InterSystems Corporation, and Intel) have partnered with SUSE in providing the solutions that help businesses innovate and process huge data sets.

"Organizations are finding many challenges in combining Big Data with traditional RDBMS data resources," said Jean S. Bozman, vice president of enterprise server research, IDC. "SUSE's long-time experience forming strategic partnerships focusing on high-performance and high-availability makes SUSE a solid foundation for companies selecting solutions to address Big Data."

And companies are serious about SUSE Linux as their choice for big data systems. In 2005, Teradata selected SUSE Linux Enterprise as its exclusive open source operating system for its enterprise-class data warehouse offerings.


But, who knew?

It's almost as if SUSE has been handling big data and huge data sets for almost ten years and no one made such a big deal about it until big data's buzz caught up with what enterprise SUSE Linux users have known for nearly a decade. That's embarrassing for so-called big data experts and great news for SUSE Linux, its partners, and its customers.

If SUSE Linux folks, and their partners, have been doing big data for the entire big data revolution, there's only one question to ask: Who you gonna call when you got big data?

SUSE Linux. Who knew?

Everyone, now.

Big data and SUSE Linux. A match made in lots and lots of ones and zeros seems to be a perfect 10* for business solutions.

I'm glad that I got to visit with representatives from SUSE. It was a real pleasure speaking with company reps from a company that still innovates but doesn't brag about it. Congrats, SUSE. You're definitely on my radar again. And thanks. 

*That 10 is decimal, not binary.

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