Tablets will displace PC units: Gartner

Analyst firm says worldwide PC shipments will be more than 352 million this year, but this revised forecast is actually lower than their previous estimate, from 17.9 percent down to 14 percent.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to pretend that tablets aren't hurting PC sales.

Gartner on Monday revised its global PC shipment estimate largely because of tablets. Specifically, Gartner projected 352.4 million PC units in 2010, up 14.3 percent from 2009. The problem: Gartner was expecting growth of 17.9 percent in September.

What happened? The iPad happened. Gartner also projected 2011 PC shipments of 409 million units, up 15.9 percent from 2010. That projection is also down from Gartner's previous estimate for growth of 18.1 percent.

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