TeenTech Weekly: Rutgers, Windows 8, Gen-Y workplaces

The weekly roundup of Generation-Y and student news & resources you may have missed.

This edition of TeenTech weekly rounds up Generation Y and student news that you may have missed. This week we’ve read about the ex-student starting jail through the webcam case, Windows 8 application in schools, and Gen-Y in the workplace.

1.) Apology rejected as ex-Rutgers student starts jail. (AJC)

The former Rutgers University student convicted of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate reported to jail Thursday as the victim's parents rejected his written apology as a "public relations piece" and said the judge missed an opportunity to highlight the seriousness of bias crimes.

2.) Revenge of the Nerds: Tech firms scour college campuses for talent. (Wsj)

On college campuses these days, the top nerds are getting a taste of what it's like to be star jocks.

3.) Sex offenders fight for right to use Facebook, dozens of other sites. (CBS)

Registered U.S. sex offenders who have been banned from social networking websites are fighting back in the courts, successfully challenging many of the restrictions as infringements on free speech and their right to participate in common online discussions.

4.) Gen Y and the collaborative workplace. (Forbes)

Organizations will need to break free from the ways of the past and rethink their approach when it comes to redefining the workplace of the future.

5.) Why student debit cards are wolves in sheep's clothing. (Forbes)

Over 9 million students are at risk for increased educational debt, due to bank-affiliated student debit cards that come with high fees, insufficient consumer protections, and few options.

6.) Internet-obsessed Gen Y is changing traditional HR practices. (Venture Beat)

Those who belong to Generation Y -- teens and twenty-somethings, including myself -- are shaking up human resource departments, according to data from Salesforce Rypple.

7.) Will schools be tempted to buy tablets to use Windows 8?

Is the launch of Windows 8 affecting the purchase of tablets by schools?

8.) Utah State University students design suit with Spider-Man like abilities. (KSDK)

A team of engineering students at Utah State University has designed what could be the next hi-tech device for special forces military.

9.) Are 'entrepreneur and STEM visas' necessary?

America's about more than lucky charms and oversized meals -- and there's top talent that wants to stay.

10.) Play Safe will limit the apps your child can access on Android. (CNET)

A new app, Play Safe, allows you to limit which apps your kids can access on your Android device.


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