Telecom Italia's TIM kicks off 5G tests in Brazil

The company has started the first trials of the technology in Florianópolis in partnership with Huawei.

Telecom Italia's Brazilian subsidiary TIM has started the first 5G tests in Brazil ahead of commercial launch of the technology the country, forecast for 2021.

The trials on the 3.5 GHz frequency in the southern capital of Florianópolis are being carried out in partnership with Huawei and CERTI foundation, a public research and development organization.

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According to the company, the aim to develop a reference center for 5G, with activity including trials related to areas such as smart cities, healthcare, and agriculture.

"TIM wants to be a 5G pioneer and leader, both in Brazil and Italy. Our goal is to repeat the path of success and protagonism of 4G and generate new solutions that improve the lives of our customers and boost the technological development in the country," said Pietro Labriola, chief executive at TIM Brasil.

Labriola noted that government investment, as well as the simplification of procedures for the installation of antennas and fiber, would be "enabling elements" that could position the next-generation technology as a vehicle to drive competitiveness and growth in Brazil.

The Brazilian government plans to auction the 5G spectrum in March 2020.