Telenav announces Scout for Apps on three platforms and the Scout Button

Telenav continues to innovate in the GPS navigation space and is working hard to support developers and make your smartphone navigation experience the best it can be.

Telenav announces Scout for Apps on three platforms and the Scout Button

Over the last couple of years we have seen the dedicated PND (personal navigation device) market be replaced by smartphone navigation solutions. Many of the previous PND makers have turned to mobile phone software solutions. This smartphone market is tough with competition from Google Maps, Nokia Maps, and an upcoming Apple product. Telenav launched years ago on the iPhone and other smartphones and is working hard to stay competitive with their focus on Scout and giving developers the tools they need to integrate Scout. Telenav just announced that Scout for Apps is now live on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Telenav launched this developer support for iOS back in March and with the availability now on Android and Windows Phone developers can integrate free voice-guide navigation within their application or website. Scout for Apps is an HTML5, browser-based solution that provides turn-by-turn voice navigation. You can get a feel for what developers can do by visiting the website from within the browser of your Android device.

Telenav also announced the Scout Drive Button that you can easily add to your website to provide visitors with an easy method to get to your location. If you click the Scout button from your computer, you get the option to send a link to your phone via text or email. If you click it on your phone, then you get navigation instructions right away. I would love to see all businesses integrate something so useful since copying and pasting addresses and other solutions are not as elegant.

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