Tesco glitch causes online delivery chaos across the UK

Home deliveries are being canceled at random or delayed, and customers are not happy.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

A computer glitch which appears to be disrupting Tesco online delivery services is causing chaos for customers nationwide.

Thousands of customers using supermarket retailer Tesco's online home delivery service have had their orders canceled due to what seems to be a systems bug or glitch.

On Twitter, customers are complaining that despite ordering and being awarded time slots, they are being contacted by drivers who are saying "systems are down" but are not offering any further details.

On Facebook, customers have noted that while their orders have been canceled, they are unable to rebook as the system believes they still have orders outstanding.

One user commented, "Tesco rang me and said the system is down and no-one is getting any deliveries today."

According to the retail giant, up to 10 percent of orders have been affected, which in turn, has caused serious disruption for order picking in some stores.

While Tesco is asking customers to re-arrange their deliveries online, but if legacy orders are still in place, this may also cause not only a backlog but further delays for web shoppers.

"We're currently experiencing an IT issue which is affecting some grocery home shopping orders," a Tesco spokesperson said. "We're working hard to fix this problem and apologize to customers for any inconvenience this may cause."

Customers affected by the system's failure will be offered a £10 voucher in compensation.

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Last month, Tesco was slapped with two fines totaling £8 million after admitting responsibility for a fuel tanker leak in 2014 which resulted in thousands of liters of petrol flooding into sewers and a river in Northern England.

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