The ASUS R2H UMPC is now available from an online retailer

There are not too many readily available UMPC devices, but the latest one can be found for under US$1,000 at an online retailer. The ASUS R2H sports some great features and is already getting into the hands of bloggers who are testing it out right now and preparing reviews. Check out some unboxing pics and initial thoughts on this cool new UMPC.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
I thoroughly enjoy using my Samsung Q1 UMPC device for the most part and personally think it is the best multimedia focused UMPC on the market. That said, other than the touch screen, the navigation buttons are poorly implemented on the device. The TabletKiosk UMPC devices have great buttons and another new UMPC that is now available to purchase from Newegg.com is the ASUS R2H. The device can be purchased for US$998.99, but unfortunately the last time I looked it was already out of stock with new devices scheduled to be available on October 31st. The ASUS R2H UMPC has some great specs with an Intel Celeron M 900MHz processor, 768 MB of RAM, 60GB hard drive, integrated Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11 b/g radios, integrated GPS receiver, embedded digital camera, Secure Digital card slot, and fingerprint reader for security purposes. Only UMPC received their device and has some great unboxing pics that whet my appetite and have me thinking about making the purchase myself. I am going to follow their site and check out their upcoming thoughts and review to see how it performs, but the ASUS R2H looks like a great piece of hardware.

I think the UMPC platform is a great way to get a small slate Tablet PC form factor device and don't quite understand the argument that people make about them not having integrated keyboards. While integrated keyboard devices may have unique form factors, the keyboards usually are compromised to fit on the device and a much better alternative for longer text input is to use a Bluetooth keyboard. If you want a portable slate Tablet PC that is light to carry and transport then the UMPC is a super choice.

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