The first eco-pope

I normally don't do religion, at any time or in any form. But couldn't ignore this one.

I normally don't do religion, at any time or in any form. But couldn't ignore this one. One of the most famous people on earth--up there with Britney, Bin Laden and George W--Pope Benedict XVI, today gave what the Vatican claims is the first-ever environmental rally led by a Pope. If the Pope keeps this up folks are going to start calling him a liberal.

I gotta point out he didn't reverse the Catholic Church's stance on birth control in order to slow population growth and its resulting strain on the earth's resources.

But here are some things he and the Vatican did do: the youth rally in Loreto, Italy, today provided food on recycled paper plates, gave every participant a hand-crank flashlight that needs no batteries and even a recyclable backpack. And the prayer book sused were all printed on recycled paper, as well. The Pope urged his 300-thousand young listeners to shun "disposable love." The Pope also told his listeners to dare to change the world.

The Reuters report reads: "The Vatican has become progressively 'green.' It has installed photovoltaic cells on buildings to produce electricity and hosted a scientific conference on climate change."

BBC reports "Sunday has been declared by the Catholic Church 'Save Creation Day,' and in his main homily the Pope is expected to concentrate on the Vatican's new emphasis on eco-friendly teaching."

You must've guessed: that pic is of the Pope himself in one of his official poses on the press section of the Vatican website.


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