The iPad's impact on App Store approvals

Since the iPad isn't a telephone, and comes with tiered 3G data, Apple needs to make Google Voice available for the device -- or tell us why they won't.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor on

An interesting take on how the iPad could have a dramatic impact on Apple's App Store approval process:

Obviously, the App Store is going to drive the success of the iPad. I can't help wonder how the tablet's existence is going to impact Apple's approval process for new apps. For example, now that Apple will be selling a computing environment for apps that is not a telephone, can Apple justify not approving apps such as Google Voice? This is just one example of an App Store rejection that, if reversed, could make the iPad a much better device.

Since the iPad will be available with tiered 3G data pricing, Apple/AT&T can't use bandwidth as a reason to ban Google Voice from the iPad.

Apple and Google being frenemies is starting to hurt Apple customers because they are effectively locked out of almost every new, compelling mobile technology that comes from Google (witness, Google Maps Navigation, Voice, Buzz, Latitude, Shopper, Goggles, the list goes on).

It's time for Jobs to bury that hatchet with Google before Android hatchets Apple's golden goose.

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