The prospects of SAP certification

A Masters holder majoring in industrial chemical science asks about being certified for the platform.

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Q. I am very keen to get into the SAP consultant career. However, my educational background is totally different from IT/computing.

I am a Master of Science degree holder majoring in industrial chemical science.

What are the career prospects available to me if I decide to take up a certification course?

Career advice from Stella Thevarakam, regional HR director of management and technology consulting firm ISS Consulting (M):

Well, you can join an SAP organization's trainees program and take it from there to grow your SAP career. (In Malaysia, for example, a trainee’s monthly salary is usually about RM2,000 or about US$620.)

Alternatively, you can do a certification course directly with SAP. You need to contact the company for course details and costs. With your certification, you can join any SAP organization as a junior consultant and grow from there.

Career prospects are bright if you have the certification and the experience of handling at least two full cycles of implementation. You will be much in demand by SAP organizations.