These are the 3 US companies with the highest median worker salaries

Looking for a new job? These stats could help narrow your search.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Staying informed about trends in the ever-evolving job market can assist you in planning your future career moves. For example, factors such as salary and profitability are important when picking a new company to work for. 

Lensa, the job-search site, researched the biggest US companies and ranked them by most profitable and highest-paying salary. The findings had one interesting thing in common. 

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To find the most profitable companies in the US, Lensa used the Companies Market Cap and looked at the earnings of each company. 

The three most profitable companies in the US were Apple, Microsoft, and ExxonMobil at $116.72 billion, $82.58 billion, and $77.75 billion. Alphabet, Google's parent company, landed in fourth place with $71.68 billion. 

The most profitable companies in the US

As if three out of the four top profiting companies in the US wasn't a compelling sign to switch to tech, the industry also swept the highest worker salaries category. 

To find the median worker salary of these companies, Lensa used the AFL-CIO and ranked the companies accordingly. 

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The three biggest US companies with the highest worker salaries include Alphabet, Meta Platforms, and Broadcom -- all tech companies. 

Alphabet's median worker salary is $295,884, Meta's is $292,785, followed by Broadcom, a semiconductor manufacturing company, at $247,541.

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