These project management techniques can land you a six-figure salary

The Ultimate Six Sigma, Lean & Quality Management Bootcamp is packed with 18 courses and 15 accredited certifications.
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Every industry, ranging from manufacturing to software development, benefits from professionals who are certified in quality management. As it stands, Lean and Six Sigma are some of the most sought after quality management skills. Companies that implement these strategies are able to eliminate waste and improve the quality of their output, which ultimately saves time and money. 

As such, learning these quality management skills might be your first step towards a six-figure career. Ziprecruiter notes that the current national average for Lean Six Sigma jobs is $44 an hour, ranging between $30.05 (25th percentile) and $54.09 (75th percentile). But in order to land these high-paying jobs, you need to get certified, and The Ultimate Six Sigma, Lean, and Quality Management Bootcamp can help for just $39.99.

This massive eLearning bootcamp is designed to deliver all the training and certification prep you need to land a quality management job, including 18 courses and 15 accredited official certifications. These courses are provided by Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence (AIGPE), which offers professional instruction and certifications for Lean, Six Sigma, Minitab, and more, and has earned a 4.5 out of 5 from student ratings on Trustpilot. You're given two free attempts to pass the certification exam at the end of each course, and you'll receive your certificate of completion after you pass. 

If you're new to quality management, a Six Sigma White Belt is the easiest cert to earn first. The Six Sigma White Belt course contains 2 hours of video content and 12 downloadable resources to introduce you to Six Sigma strategies and prep you for the certification exam. Once you've earned your White Belt, you can progress towards a Yellow, Green, and eventually Black Belt. Alternatively, this bootcamp's Lean courses will guide you towards Certified Lean Proficient, Certified Lean Expert, and Certified Just-In-Tine Specialist certifications.

When it comes to process efficiency, you can't go wrong with either Lean or Six Sigma. The Ultimate Six Sigma, Lean and Quality Management Bootcamp contains everything you need to earn professional certifications in Lean, Six Sigma, and more. This bootcamp contains over $5,000 worth of courses and cert exams, but you can get the entire bundle today for $39.99, or 98% off.

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